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Do you want to visit another country but you can't really assess the Corona situation there?

The daily news mostly talk about absolute numbers of confirmed Covid-19 infections, which does not tell you anything about the current situation in the different countries. Ok. 500k infections in the United States would be as bad as 500k infections in Luxembourg. But if you're planning to visit Luxembourg, it'd be much more likely that you get infected than in the US, because 500k infections would mean, that almost every citizen of Luxembourg would be infected. It's about population or even population density, isn't it?

In addition, the reported infections of a country must always be considered in relation to the number of tests performed. If a country has very few confirmed cases but does apply only very few tests as well, than you can expect that a lot more people are infected than confirmed.

I think you can kind of assess the Corona situation in your own country. In relation to that you can then judge the situation in other countries. But that presupposes that the figures are comparable. You should avoid comparing apples with oranges. So let's try to get to something comparable!

The following charts are based on live data from and, which in turn sources

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